Is Gingival Contouring for You?

If your gums are even and pink and healthy, you don’t think much about gingival contouring (also called gingival sculpting). But if your smile shows too much gum, or your gums are uneven, so you present a smile that isn’t your best, you may want to consider making a change.


“Gingival contouring can be both a cosmetic and an oral health issue,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry practice. “Both reasons can make a big difference in the quality of your smile, the health of your teeth, and your confidence in yourself, “ she adds.

If you aren’t brushing your teeth correctly, your gums may develop pockets that harbor bacteria. As bacteria grow, they damage both your teeth and gums. According to the website,  damaged gums can cause “the loss of papillae (small amounts of gum tissue between your teeth) and exposed root surfaces,” resulting in uneven gum tissue and pain.

Your gums are also shaped by your heredity. In other words, one of your parents may have passed on the tendency that allows your gums to grow over your teeth. An article in WebMD explains, “A number of things can cause your gums to be too low or too high. Gums that cover a large portion of your teeth can make your teeth look small. This may be the result of genetics, a particular health problem, or taking certain prescription drugs.”

If your gums are uneven, make your teeth look small or poorly-shaped, ask your dentist about gum contouring.

“Gum tissue sculpting can also help people whose teeth appear too long because of receding gums, “ says Dr. Ford. “The procedure takes about an hour and requires no recuperating time—you’ll be smiling with a new look when you leave the office,” she continues.

Make the most of your smile, it’s an important part of making a good first impression!


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