Introducing Air-Flow Therapy



Dr. Carold Ford & Associates recently introduced the multifaceted Air-Flow Therapy system in their offices in central Phoenix. This system allows Dr. Ford and her staff to provide a host of cosmetic and therapeutic procedures more quickly, effectively, and with greater patient comfort.

The Air-Flow Therapy technology uses air and water pressure to deliver several different types of cleansing powders to teeth and gums. Its versatility allows our practice to utilize it daily as we provide increased improvement to the look and function of our patients’ teeth and gums.

 How Air-Flow Therapy Can Improve Your Oral Health

Air-Flow Therapy provides better plaque and biofilm maintenance for patients. Depending on the specific device and medicated powder being used, the system is able to:

  1. Provide quick, efficient cleaning of the “pockets” that can form in the gums around teeth, reducing the likelihood of gingivitis or other forms of gum disease.
  2. Deliver powerful biofilm and plaque removal for your teeth – as well as the spaces between teeth.
  3. Remove light to moderate stains, such as those caused by coffee, tea, or tobacco.
  4. Gently and safely clean dental restorations like crowns and porcelain veneers. It can also be used to maintain non-removable dental implants.
  5. Provide effective prophylactic cleaning power before procedures such as whitening, bonding or sealants, or the placement of crowns or veneers.
  6. Act as excellent preparation for therapeutic services such as cavity detection, fluoride treatments, and the placement of orthodontics (braces).

“We are excited about adding the Air-Flow Therapy system to our practice,” says Dr. Ford. “Beyond greater cleaning power in a shorter amount of time, our patients will enjoy greater comfort during oral cleaning procedures and an all-around better treatment experience.”

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