Implants Support Dentures in New Way

Phoenix Dental OfficeA dental implant can replace a missing tooth so well that it often provides a better chewing surface than the original tooth. But implants can be used in groups to provide the structural support for a complete set of dentures. Your dentist will examine the shape and condition of your jaw and use as many implants as is necessary to support a complete set of permanent bridges or dentures on the implants. This prosthetic doesn’t have to be removed and will feel like your own teeth. They are great for everything from eating to speaking to smiling.

“Dental patients today have more choices—and better choices—than ever,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix Cosmetic Dentistry office. “But dental implants require commitment to end in a brand new smile,” she adds. According to an article by the American Dental Association, “Patients who want to have implants must commit to a meticulous oral hygiene routine, including flossing, brushing and regular dental visits to help protect the supporting tissues from any disease.” Patients with diabetes or those who smoke might not be the best candidates for implants or the All on Four procedure.

In the first step, the implants are placed; the gum is secured over the implant and left to heal.

Once the implants are healed, the upper and lower arch (bridge/denture) is created at the same time to get the bite to fit perfectly. While the appliance is being created, you may be fitted with a temporary denture to allow you to eat and speak comfortably.

After the new permanent bridge/denture is created and attached to the implants, you will need to see your dentist at regular intervals to make sure you are brushing and flossing your teeth successfully and thoroughly.

“While the procedure, start to finish, may take four to six months, the outcome is well worth it,” says Dr. Ford.  Cosmetically, your smile is bright and even, which gives someone who had lost teeth a big boost in confidence. Your teeth are strong and secure, your bridge or denture never has to come out. You can eat whatever food you enjoy, and taste it fully. Unlike a removable denture, All on Four is a satisfying solution to a problem that combines health, digestive, and cosmetic issues.

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