Implants Provide Cosmetic and Medical Benefits

dentures_phoenix_dentistWhen a tooth is no longer functional because the root itself is not capable of supporting the work the tooth does—biting, chewing, grinding your food—it may be time to discuss implants with your dentist.

While there are certainly cosmetic reasons to get an implant, there are very sound and long-term reasons to choose an implant.

“An implant does much more than fill a space where your tooth used to be,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix dentistry office. “An implant, because it is anchored in the jaw bone, helps keep the bone from eroding, “ she continues. Bone erosion happens over time when the jaw doesn’t have a tooth root (or an implant) to build around. Once the bones erodes, and several teeth are missing, the lips and mouth collapse, giving an aged look to the face, with jutting jaw and longer nose.

With implants, the cosmetic effect and the medical benefit are both important. WebMD notes, “Implants are natural-looking, can provide support for dentures, and do not affect the teeth bordering them. They are as stable as your real teeth and protect you from the loss of jawbone, which occurs when you lose teeth.”

Implants can serve another important function. They are the anchors for all-on-four permanent bridgework. Implants are put in first, the permanent denture is then made to place over them. With this kind of dental work, the mouth retains its youthful shape, the teeth look natural and don’t darken over time like natural teeth might.

Another advantage of implants and a permanent bridge, is that the shape and strength of the jawbone is retained. As you get older, it’s important to maintain your oral strength and health, not just to enjoy your food, but to get the full benefit of digestion that begins with chewing.

Implants and permanent bridgework need the same kind of care as your natural teeth—daily brushing and flossing, but no removal or soaking. And implants make your smile a long-lasting part of your life!

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