How We Personalize Our Care

Dental_CareNo one likes to be treated like “just a number,” especially when it comes to dental care. At Dr. Carol Ford’s cosmetic dentistry practice, we believe each patient is a whole, complex individual, and we work with you to personalize your dental care, so that your treatment experience is comfortable and you are pleased with the results!

How we personalize your dental care

  1. We customize your dental appointment to meet your individual needs. Many factors, including tobacco use, chronic conditions such as diabetes, and your risk for periodontal disease, can influence the optimal frequency of dental visits for you. Our staff will review your dental history and conduct a thorough examination in order to determine how often you should visit for prophylactic cleanings and other procedures.
  2. We discuss your goals for your smile. Everyone has different dental needs, so our dental care is personalized to your desires for your smile. Whether it’s achieving a brighter smile through whitening, correcting minor appearance and function issues with veneers, or completing a series of restorations to provide you with a full-mouth dental reconstruction, we talk to you to determine the right way to proceed with your dental care in order to ensure your long-term satisfaction with your oral health and appearance.
  3. We help you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your visit. As we examine your teeth and discuss your treatment goals, we also will offer you options for maintaining your comfort throughout your visit. Our office has quiet, peaceful interiors, and scenic lakefront views that you’ll be able to view during treatment. If you struggle with dental anxiety or dental phobias, we can consult with you about medication or sedation options, or you can be introduced to Vito, Dr. Ford’s golden retriever who has been trained as a Power Paws Assistance Dog. Petting or playing with Vito provides immediate stress reduction for many patients, who are then able to receive dental care and feel great.

“In dental care, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all,’” says Dr. Ford. “In order to provide you with the best oral health, as well as a smile that radiates confidence and comfort, we make every effort to personalize your care to your unique set of needs and desires.”

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