I Hate My Smile! What Are My Options?


Phoenix Cosmetic Dentist Our smile is a major ingredient in our physical appearance; often, it’s the first thing that people notice about us. If you hate your smile, Phoenix cosmetic dentists can assist you in correcting functional issues, as well as help you make your gums and teeth look a lot better.

Smile Improvement: How Phoenix Cosmetic Dentists Can Help

Problem: I hate my crooked/oddly shaped teeth.

Solution: Porcelain veneers can correct many minor issues with tooth shape, rotation or spacing. If a tooth has a weakened structure, it may be necessary to repair it by placing a crown over it to protect it, as well as improve its appearance.

Problem: I hate the stains on my teeth.

Solution: Teeth whitening, performed either in the office of your Phoenix cosmetic dentist or under his or her supervision with a take-home kit, can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth and make them appear brighter. If the stains do not improve via whitening, porcelain veneers may also help.

Problem: I hate my gummy smile.

Solution: Gum contouring  can minimize the appearance of your gingiva (gums) around your teeth, letting your teeth take “center stage” in your smile.

Problem: I hate my missing tooth/teeth.

Solution: In addition to presenting aesthetic challenges, the loss of one or several teeth can eventually cause a number of functional challenges in the mouth, including the drifting of the remaining teeth and difficulty with chewing and speaking. Dental implants are rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for missing natural teeth, and can provide dramatic improvements in your smile and your quality of life in a short amount of time.

“You don’t have to live with a less than stellar smile — cosmetic dentists have a variety of tools to help your teeth and gums look their best,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a Phoenix cosmetic dentist with a practice in central Phoenix.


  1. Tobias Armstrong says

    I really like the way you approached the subject of dental care here. A lot of people are very conscious of the way their teeth look and are constantly looking for ways to fix them. I love that you were straightforward about the options that people like that (myself included), who have these types of questions. Thanks for sharing!

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