Good For Your Teeth Food

You already know all the foods that don’t keep your bright smile in top shape—candy, particularly if it is sticky,  sweet drinks, and desserts—all the ones that keep sugar in your mouth for hours after you eat.

“There are also foods that are good for your teeth,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office. “You can choose foods that taste good and are good for you, foods that help your teeth stay strong and help your smile stay bright,” she adds.

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Strawberries contain high amounts of malic acid—a natural tooth whitener, says Mehmet Oz, the cardiothoracic surgeon and TV personality (from the Oprah Winfrey show). Dr. Oz’s website also mentions that Strawberries contain a dose of vitamin C, which helps clean away plaque.

“An apple a day,” the old saying goes, “keeps the doctor away,” but that apple is also you and your dentist’s new best friend. Apples are crunchy and create a natural brushing action when you eat them. “Apples and other fruit contain sugars, but they also contain a lot of water which helps wash the sugars away as you eat,” says Dr. Ford.  You can add other crisp, juicy produce to the list of good-for-you fruit: pears and Asian apples, for example.

Dr. Oz also likes raisins for keeping teeth healthy and white. Chewing raisins helps increase the flow of saliva in your mouth, and that keeps bacteria rinsed away. “Plaque is the result of bacteria staying attached to your teeth,” says Dr. Ford.  “It’s sticky and attaches to teeth surfaces, even in spaces between teeth. Left alone, it forms hard, white tartar.” Tartar is harder to remove from the tooth surface. Constantly disturbing plaque makes it impossible to become tartar, and that means whiter teeth and a youthful smile.

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