Get Your Smile Back With Teeth In A Day

Teeth In A DayWhile the common term for immediate loading dental implants – “teeth in a day” – sounds dramatic, it is one case where the benefits offered by a dental procedure truly live up to the amazing-sounding label. But for a process like teeth in a day, which provides natural looking dental implants that are permanently anchored to your jaw, to provide such tremendous benefits, the person receiving the treatment has to be an ideal candidate.

Here’s a quick look at who makes a strong candidate to receive teeth in a day, and how the procedure can improve the appearance and function of their mouth.

Getting back your smile – are teeth in a day right for you?

Teeth in a day can help people who have experienced dental injury or trauma. Car accidents or blunt force trauma to the face can cause catastrophic loss of teeth, or leave a patient with compromised natural teeth that become vulnerable to decay. Without a mouth full of natural teeth, patients can experience a shortening of the lower third of the face known as “bite collapse.” Teeth in a day reverses this condition, which can have a devastating impact on self-confidence and appearance.

Teeth in a day can help people who have lost natural teeth to extensive decay. Years of poor dental care, inadequate access to fluoride treatment, drug abuse, or simply not being diligent with a daily oral health regimen can lead to the loss of multiple teeth from decay or infection. Teeth in a day can replace an entire arch of extracted or failing natural teeth, providing quicker relief than the individual treatment of each tooth with an implant or other restoration.

Teeth in a day can help people who have struggled with dentures. While dentures provide some assistance with eating and speaking after an entire arch of natural teeth has been lost or removed, they are not a panacea. Teeth in a day, since they are anchored to your jaw through osseointegration, can stop bone resorption in the jaw; dentures cannot. They can also provide greater ease in eating, allowing you to eat a wider variety of nutritious foods, and to be more physically active!

Teeth in a day can help patients experience a stunning improvement in their quality of life, but the procedure works best when careful case selection is practiced,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist who practices in central Phoenix.

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