Foods that Can Darken Your Teeth

Healthy_teethDuring the last two months of the year, it seems like many people’s social schedules are in overdrive. From family holiday dinners to vacation visits with friends, almost every get-together seems to involve snapping a photo – for social media, if not also for the family album too!

Healthy teeth are a must for making the most of these “photo ops.” One way to attain healthy, beautiful teeth is by becoming aware of what foods and beverages can steal their shine. Here’s a quick “hit list” of the foods and drinks that can threaten your healthy teeth by discoloring them.

Top foods and beverages that can stain your healthy teeth

  1. Red and white wine. This is sad news for wine enthusiasts everywhere! Red wine contains tannins that are known to stain teeth, and the acid content of white wine can create little pockets on the surface of the tooth that allow other stains to sink in deeper.
  2. Blueberry and apple pie. These two fruits have loads of health benefits, but the rich pigment of blueberries make it a culprit in staining teeth. And if you eat either fruit in a pie, the sugar in the pie filling and crust can accelerate tooth decay, which can also discolor teeth.
  3. Coffee, tea, and soda. It turns out that these three mainstays of the beverage cart are terrible for maintaining the whiteness of our healthy teeth.
  4. Cranberries and cranberry juice. This holiday favorite, no matter how it is served, contains a deep colorful pigment – and that means trouble for the tint your teeth.
  5. While deeply pigmented fruits are high on the list of teeth stainers, vegetables don’t get off the hook!
  6. Tomato sauce. Whether it’s piled on a pizza or used as the base for a pasta sauce, tomato sauce – just like any food that would stain your carpet or a nice white shirt – can have a negative effect on the whiteness of your teeth.

“If you’re concerned about these foods mentioned in this post staining your healthy teeth, you have several options,” advises Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist with a practice in central Phoenix. “You can reduce your consumption of them, you can make sure you drink water after a meal, and you can pair your consumption of staining foods or beverages with foods that strengthen your smile, such as nuts, cheese and strawberries.”

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