Flossing Is Now Easier With the New Sonicare Air Floss

phoenix_dentistFlossing. You know you should and you do. Sometimes. According to a recent article in the New York Times Magazine, “80 percent of people believe that oral hygiene is ‘absolutely necessary’” but only “49 percent of Americans floss daily,” and “10 percent of Americans never floss.”

Now there is a tool that makes flossing easier, more convenient and, best of all, more effective. “The new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean AirFloss™ is a big step forward in maintaining oral health,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix office. “We’ve already seen some good results among our patients. If it’s easy to use, patients are going to use it regularly. And that’s good news,” she continues.

What makes the AirFloss better than traditional flossing?

Instead of working floss between your teeth, the AirFloss jets a mix of water and air between your teeth and onto the gum line. The microburst of water and air disturbs the plaque film containing bacteria that causes gum problems and tooth decay.

Sonicare’s AirFloss removed 66 percent more biofilm (plaque) than the Sonicare Flexcare alone. (You can download or read the entire clinical study by following the link on Sonicare’s website.) Even better, 86 percent of patients reported that the Airfloss was easier to use than floss alone.

“The AirFloss uses only two teaspoons of water and is done in 60 seconds” says Dr. Ford. “That’s fast and convenient.  And you can use mouthwash instead of water for a freshness boost,” she continues.

The angled head of the AirFloss makes it easy to use. The round, smooth guide helps you create the right placement of the nozzle, which is small and focuses on the area between teeth. A re-chargeable battery lasts for two weeks, so the AirFloss is easy to take with you on trips.

“Best of all, we are seeing an increase in flossing, “ says Dr. Ford, “and that means a healthier mouth and gums.” The Sonicare AirFloss is available in Dr. Ford’s office.

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