How Do You Find the Right Dentist and Dental Team?


Dr. Carol Ford

When it comes to choosing health professionals who will serve you and your family, it is definitely true that one practice is NOT interchangeable with another. Phoenix dentists vary in the types of clientele they see, their level of expertise, and their general “chairside manner.” It’s possible to find a great dentist by researching and considering a few key factors.

Steps To Finding A Fantastic Phoenix Dentist

  1. Consider what insurance coverage is available. If you belong to a dental HMO, you may be required to choose a provider within that plan’s network. If you have a PPO plan, you may want to examine the price difference between in-network and out-of-network providers.
  2. Take a close look at your personal needs. Will you need a Phoenix dentist that is close to your house or your workplace? Do you need a provider who offers cosmetic procedures? This will impact which dentists make it onto your list of finalists.
  3. Seek out recommendations. Ask your friends and family who their dental providers are. You can also read the reviews of dentists on platforms such as Google and get a feel for how their clients view them. For example, some of the dozens of Google reviews of Dr. Carol Ford & Associates describe the practice this way: “Gave me back my smile” … “State of the art facility, and an outstanding staff” … “Always make me feel welcome and comfortable” … “Dr. Ford’s) attention to detail in every aspect of the work, … are second to none.”
  4. Make an appointment to meet your potential provider. Bring a list of questions to discuss with your Phoenix dentistat a get-to-know-you appointment. If you have questions related to concerns such as dental anxiety or past dental experiences, now is the time to ask them. After the appointment, consider how your questions and concerns were addressed and how you felt about your interactions with the dentist and staff.

    Dr. Asin

    Dr. Asin

“We strive to be the Phoenix dentist of choice for our clients, and we love to delight them with the way we serve them,” says Dr. Carol Ford, founder of the cosmetic dentistry practice Dr. Carol Ford & Associates in central Phoenix. “We welcome inquiries about our practice from new patients.”


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