Dr. Ford’s Latest Smile Makeover

Cosmetic dentistry makes most people think “perfect teeth” or a “smile makeover.”

Dr. Carol Ford is an expert in the field. Cosmetic dentistry is not just a dental procedure; it is a specialty that requires an aesthetic sense, medical skill and years of experience to create the right smile for your bone structure and facial features. Take a look below at one of our recent satisfied clients who we loved working with.  In this picture you can see the before and after of our latest cosmetic dentistry makeovers. Susan was so happy with her new perfect smile that she has shared the following with us;

Cosmetic Dentistry Makeover

Dear Dr. Ford,

It is difficult to know where to begin to express my gratitude for the amazing transformation you performed on my teeth. My new perfect smile is the obvious, tangible evidence that a huge change has occurred and as a beautiful as that it, it pales in comparison to the changes that have taken place on the inside.

When most people think of having dental work (myself included), it conjures up unpleasant images and sense of dread; however, the time that I spent in your office was actually enjoyable. I was so well cared for, not just physically, but emotionally which was huge considering the emotions associated with the condition of my teeth. Your staff, every one of them, is so very special. Each of them treated me with complete respect, kindness and good humor. They were encouraging and supportive through every stage of the process. Thank you so, so much.

You, Dr. Ford, are just the best! I am completely blown away by you in so many ways. Saying a simple thank you seems so inadequate and yet, I am so very thankful! So, thank you for everything. By doing what you do so incredibly well, you have changed my like in myriad and profound ways.

Please pass along my sincere thanks and deep appreciation to your amazing staff. I hope to see you all again.

Susan Elmore

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