Do Dental Veneers Look Realistic?

Dental veneers are a permanent restoration that offer a solution for patients whose teeth have minor problems with shape, shade, or rotation. Because there is no surgery involved, veneers are an attractive option for those who desire a new look for their smile and lack significant oral health issues.

Some patients worry the veneers might make their smile look a little too perfect or call attention to their dental work in a way they’d rather avoid. However, today’s veneers are crafted by cosmetic dentists to provide a smile that is simply a better version of your natural grin, not a blinding vision of celebrity perfection.




How Cosmetic Dentists Create Realistic-Looking Veneers

  1. The porcelain used in veneers reflects light like tooth enamel does. Modern technology allows the fabrication of translucent porcelain veneers, just like your natural tooth enamel. Light strikes the veneer and is reflected off the layer of cement used to hold it in place. This helps make veneers indistinguishable from your natural teeth.
  2. Your cosmetic dentist will create the impressions for the veneers from your natural teeth. Many practitioners use 3-D digital imaging technology, a step up from wax impressions. In any case, they will be creating your veneers with your teeth as the blueprint. The result will be an improvement on your natural “look.” It won’t look like someone else’s teeth were placed in your mouth.
  3. Finally, and most importantly, an experienced cosmetic dentist is a master craftsman when it comes to crafting lifelike veneers. Dr. Carol Ford, cosmetic dentist and owner of Dr. Carol Ford & Associates, has been providing porcelain veneers for patients for more than three decades. Her ability to craft the shade and shape of veneers to artfully match the rest of a patient’s smile is one reason she was named by Phoenix Magazine to its 2019 Top Dentists list.

“Technology has allowed us to provide patients with durable veneers that protect and enhance smiles for years to come,” says Dr. Ford, who practices in the Biltmore area of central Phoenix. “But it is our dedication to truly serving our patients’ needs that results in the creation of a restoration that is both beautiful AND realistic-looking.”




  1. It’s so cool how cosmetic dentists can make the impression for your veneers from blueprints of your own teeth. Your natural teeth would match up perfectly with these fakes ones. I bet nobody would be able to tell you had veneers unless you told them.

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