Dentures That Help You Keep Your Smile (Part II)

Now that you know what dentures are made of and how they work (read Part I), let’s take a look at some common questions about dentures, and how you and your dentist will fit them to your mouth as well as some tips in getting used to them.

How long does it take to get dentures in place?

After your teeth are removed, your gums will need to heal before dentures are fitted. Your dentist may recommend “immediate dentures” which are placed generally the same day as any extractions are completed. Regular dentures will be fitted after gums heal. Depending on your health and healing time, it may take six months to a year for your gums to heal enough to fit dentures. Because gums shrink over time, your dentist may recommend waiting till your gums have stabilized. “Immediate dentures” often have to be refitted once the gums are healed and no longer are changing in size.

Dental Implants Is there a difference in dentures for men and women?

Dr. De Vizio, an employee of Colgate, writing for ShareCare adds, “Because all dentures are custom-made to fit each individual’s mouth, all dentures are different. There really is no difference between dentures for men and dentures for women, other than the size difference that may be apparent based on each individual’s mouth. Both women and men may be eligible for all types of dentures; it’s a decision that’s based on the individual, not on the sex of the individual.”

Whats the difference between the materials used in the tooth portion of dentures?

The tooth portion of dentures can be made either of porcelain or of acrylic. “Acrylic teeth are lighter and absorb the shock of chewing more easily,” says Dr. Ford. “Porcelain, is harder and lasts longer, but can create wear on the gums and any remaining teeth,” she adds.

Will I look better with dentures?

Dentures actually help your appearance. Because they support your lips, cheeks, and mouth your facial muscles stay well-shaped and give you a more youthful appearance. They are one of several choices you have to keep your bright smile ready to go.

Your dentist may recommend that you wear your dentures all day and for the first few nights after you receive your new set. This allows you to get used to the fit and feel quickly. Once you are used to the new teeth, you will generally take your dentures out at night, and store them in a container of water to keep them from warping.

If you choose dentures to replace missing teeth, you will need a bit of patience to learn how to care for your mouth and the dentures to make the most of eating, smiling and speaking.

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