Dentures Don’t Have to be Obvious

Dental_HealthDentures are no longer the scary “false teeth” that make every mouth look filled with large, white rectangles. “Today’s dentures give a refined, unique look to a smiling face,” says Dr. Carol Fold from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office. “Both the gum tissue and the teeth look natural,” adds Dr. Ford. “Which means so does your smile.”

There is more good news. If part of your natural look has some small imperfections unique to you and that you like, the look can be replicated in your dentures. If you thought your best natural smile was in your high school senior photo, you can have that look back with dentures. Bring the photograph showing your smile clearly and discuss what you want with your dentist.

“No dentist can read your mind, but every good dentist will want to hear what makes you happy,” says Dr. Ford. “Don’t be afraid to tell your dentist exactly what you want. You can get more of what you want if you speak up and bring a photograph,” Dr. Ford continues.

Dentures are a big change for most people. They will take some getting used to. Here are some tips for successful dentures from WebMD, a website on current health concerns:

1. Dont wear your dentures at night. Your dentist may tell you to wear them the first night you have them, but once you have adapted,  soak your dentures in a cleaning solution at night.

2. Use a special denture-cleaning brush. A regular toothbrush or electric toothbrush may be too hard. Dentures are made of acrylic, and can be damaged by too vigorous scrubbing.

3. Use only denture products for dentures. Household cleaners can damage your dentures.  Use oral cleaners to keep your tongue and gums clean. It helps avoid infection.

4. When you take our your dentures to clean them, fill the sink with water or put a towel in the sink. If you drop your dentures, they will be cushioned. Until you get used to handling them, you may not have a firm grip on them.

5. Never soak your dentures in hot water. It can alter the shape or fit.

6. Speak slowly. Practice words out loud that are difficult for you to say at first. Practice may feel awkward, but it will make your speech clear and natural sounding.

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