Dental Hygiene Tips from Gina

Dental-HygieneMy name is Gina and I’m one of Dr. Carol Ford’s dental hygienists. I’m originally from New Jersey and moved to Arizona 13 years ago. Previously, I was a dental assistant for eight years, and knew I wanted to be able to help clients even more, so I went to dental hygiene school. I love my work as a dental hygienist, and honestly can’t imagine doing anything else.

Dr. Ford is wonderful to work for; she creates a great atmosphere for both her staff and her patients. She really listens to what the patients want and what they are looking for, and she is able to bridge the patient’s vision with her amazing artistic skills to give people incredible results.

One of the most important things that a patient can do to partner with Dr. Ford is to come in for their regularly scheduled check-ups. Your hygiene appointment is so much more than “just a cleaning.” Your hygienist will check for signs of disease and can spot dental concerns before they become significant issues that need extensive treatments. We also look for signs of systemic diseases, such as diabetes, that can show up in the mouth before they are recognized anywhere else. The cleaning part of your visit helps reduce bacterial plaque in your mouth, which has been linked to a number of chronic health conditions throughout your body, as well as the risk of developing gum disease.

Another tip that can help you achieve appearance goals related to your smile is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ford to discuss your situation. She does a thorough clinical exam, and also makes images of your teeth, which can be enlarged on a screen to show your teeth to you in ways you’ve never seen before. She can discuss all the options for helping your smile achieve its full potential, and show you a book containing “before and after” photos of previous patients. That can be a very helpful starting point in discussing matters such as tooth shade, shape, gum contours, etc.

To sum up, the best dental hygiene advice I can offer is to come see Dr. Ford and our team as soon as possible! We will work with you to ensure your teeth are healthy and that your smile provides you with confidence and comfort.

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