Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Life

cosmetic-dentistryThere are a lot of reasons that people shy away from exploring what cosmetic dentistry procedures could do for them. A lot of these reasons sound sensible, at least on the surface: they don’t want to appear vain, they’re concerned that the fees associated with the procedure won’t provide a good return on their investment, or they’re concerned the procedure will be invasive or cause discomfort.

However, the reality for many patients who have cosmetic dentistry work done is that the benefits from these procedures far outweigh any potential downsides, and often come in areas that the patient could not predict beforehand.

Here are three situations in which getting teeth whitening, veneers, a full mouth reconstruction or other procedures could literally change your life.

Examples of the life-changing potential of cosmetic dentistry

  1. On the job: Jane had badly stained teeth and rarely spoke in meetings or gave presentations, because she hated others being able to see her teeth. After receiving veneers, she became more self-confident, vocal and outgoing, and her boss noticed, giving her a raise and a promotion.
  2. In the dating world: Fred was kind, giving and funny, but rarely went on dates. He had a lot of tooth decay and his teeth were slightly crooked, and that made him feel ugly. After extensive cosmetic dentistry work, including inlays, onlays and several veneers, smiling came more naturally to Fred, and potential dates actually started approaching him!
  3. Lifelong health benefits: Kim was a naturally happy person on the inside, but she didn’t smile much. Her teeth made her feel self-conscious. After her functional and cosmetic dentistry issues were corrected, she smiled many times every day, and that made her feel both emotionally and physically healthier.

“Many times our patients don’t realize until after they have a procedure that they are holding themselves back because of self-consciousness about their smile,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentistry professional with a practice in central Phoenix. “Call us today to find out how even a relatively simple improvement can work wonders in your life!”

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