Cosmetic Dentistry and Confidence

It’s not unusual for a patient to be shy when they first come into a dental office.  “A patient whose hand rises to her mouth every time she speaks probably has a cosmetic and a confidence problem,” says Dr. Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office. 

As repairs to the teeth age, they can deteriorate. Silver and gold fillings are more obvious than porcelain ones. Even molars, the teeth further back in the mouth, will be visible in an unguarded yawn or a sudden laugh. “If your teeth are embarrassing to you, you will become self-conscious and spend more awareness suppressing smiles and laughter,” says Dr. Ford. “Cosmetic dentists all have patients who have lost confidence, become more withdrawn when their teeth are worn and their fillings begin to loosen,” she explains.

Can confidence be restored by repairing teeth? “Absolutely,” says Dr. Ford. “If a patient is in pain due to dental bacterial invasion, accumulated plaque or decay, it will show on their face and in their posture,” she explains. In addition, decay is often the cause of bad breath, and that further damages confidence.

The first step is to come into the office and get an assessment of what’s happening with your teeth. Being seen by a hygienist and a dentist will let you know where the problems are and the steps to take to better health. Sometimes a careful removal of plaque and tartar, starts the process to better health and confidence.

Cosmetic DentistThe best result is one of re-discovered health. And with a step toward health, a patient gains confidence.  The hand comes down from hiding the mouth, the shoulders straighten. “It’s not surprising to see confidence come back in better dressing and posture,” says Dr. Ford, “and that’s one of the big benefits of cosmetic dentistry—more than a bright smile, a bright new outlook of confidence in oneself.”

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