Why Our Cosmetic Dentist Recommends Veneers

VeneersIf you’ve been researching your options for how to correct minor appearance issues with your teeth, you may notice that cosmetic dentists often recommend porcelain veneers. Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist with a practice in central Phoenix, is a proponent of veneers because of their ability to address a range of issues with an intervention that is fast (they can be installed in just a few visits), durable (veneers can last up to a decade) and low-impact (there is almost no “recovery period” after receiving veneers).

Dr. Ford often recommends veneers in the following situations.

  1. To correct issues with tooth shape, rotation or size. Sometimes individual teeth don’t play their role in the “ensemble” of the mouth the way we would like them to. Veneers can correct moderately crooked teeth, teeth that are oddly shaped, or teeth that that lack visual symmetry and balance because their size doesn’t match those of your other teeth.
  2. To improve tooth discoloration problems that are resistant to whitening. Some teeth stains do not respond to whitening, because the cause of the stain is internal. In these cases, a veneer can improve the appearance of a permanently stained tooth, providing a new surface that is highly resistant to staining and discoloration. Your cosmetic dentist can match your veneer to your natural tooth color, or you can whiten your other teeth and then match the veneer to that shade.
  3. To facilitate a natural-looking enhancement of a client’s smile. Few people want a smile makeover that calls attention to itself. One of the biggest benefits of getting veneers is that the porcelain laminates used in their construction reflect light in a manner similar to natural teeth. This means that a skilled cosmetic dentist can install and adjust your veneers once they’re affixed to your teeth so that they look just like your natural teeth used to, or perhaps just like the set of natural teeth you wished you were born with!

“For teeth that are essentially healthy, veneers can take their appearance from ‘meh’ to ‘WOW,’ with a procedure that is cost-effective and easy to tolerate,” says Dr. Ford.

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