Are Porcelain Dental Crowns a Better Option Than Veneers?

There is a difference between making minor repairs to your home’s exterior and a renovation that strengthens its foundation. Similarly, there is a difference in purpose between improving the appearance of your smile with dental veneers, and bolstering a natural tooth’s function by protecting it with a dental … [Read more...]

Bright, White Smiles With Veneers

Most people desire having a smile with a mouth full of shiny white teeth. However, many of us have visibly stained teeth in our “smile zone.” Some stains are extrinsic, and may be caused by deeply pigmented food or drink, tobacco use, poor dental hygiene, or other factors. Extrinsic stains often can be addressed with … [Read more...]

Love Your Smile

It’s smart never to judge the value of an object in a single glance. Grandma’s silver tea set may just need a good polishing to gleam as it did generations ago, and there may be expensive collectibles hidden in your uncle’s shed full of auction “finds.” Similarly, your teeth do not need to be an ongoing source of … [Read more...]

3 Secrets From A Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is a profession that few people seem to know about, and yet, everyone should want an opinion. If you’ve never visited this type of dentist or inquired about how they could help make your smile function and look better, then you’ve been missing out on some vital information. Read on and learn three … [Read more...]

Is This The Year For Veneers?

Sometimes, we don’t need to make huge changes to our appearance or health to feel a lot better. When it comes to dental procedures, veneers can provide significant results without a gigantic investment in time or money. If you are planning your health-related investments for the year, and wondering if having veneers … [Read more...]

Smile for the Holidays

The term “quick fix” has a bad reputation in American life, implying something involving shoddy planning or less-than-acceptable results. But quite often, a fast solution also can be a lasting solution, and one that’s delivered using superior materials and the prospect of an excellent outcome. If you’re worrying … [Read more...]