How Do You Find the Right Dentist and Dental Team?

When it comes to choosing health professionals who will serve you and your family, it is definitely true that one practice is NOT interchangeable with another. Phoenix dentists vary in the types of clientele they see, their level of expertise, and their general “chairside manner.” It’s possible to find a great dentist … [Read more...]

How Often Do I Need A Dental Cleaning?

Most of us grew up with the habit to visit our dentist twice a year for a checkup and a cleaning. While that advice was well intended, more recent research has revealed that a dental cleaning schedule should be personalized to suit your individual oral health conditions. Your Phoenix dentist can explain why you are … [Read more...]

Dental Insurance 101 – Top Tips For Using Your Benefits

Whether you are visiting Dr. Carol Ford & Associates for a dental checkup, a restorative procedure, or another service, you may be curious about whether your dental insurance might pick up the tab. The short answer to that question is “maybe.” There are ways to utilize your dental insurance in a way that provides … [Read more...]

Women of Distinction

Carol Ford, D.D.S., has been selected for inclusion in the forthcoming Trademark Women of Distinction Honors Edition for demonstrating dedication, leadership and professional excellence. Her compassion and expertise set the standard in the industry. She has truly dedicated herself to her profession. There is humility … [Read more...]

Benefits of Tongue Scrapers

While advancing technology has given us electric toothbrushes, water flossing devices and a rainbow of flavors and materials for our regular dental floss, it’s unusual to think of any other new tools as “standard equipment” in at-home dental care. However, there is a dental tool you may not have heard of that can … [Read more...]

Bad Breath? Take Action With These Tips!

Halitosis (or bad breath) is an oral health condition that can lower a person’s self-esteem. We may feel we can’t get close to friends and loved ones, or work in close proximity with co-workers, because we literally do not pass the “smell test.” But there is a positive outcome that can be gleaned by taking bad … [Read more...]