Oral Hygiene – Four Habits To Break

There are two parts to establishing an effective oral hygiene routine – developing positive habits, such as brushing and flossing, and extinguishing bad habits, which can slow or even halt progress made with the positive actions. Here’s a guide to cutting out four of the worst oral hygiene habits quickly and … [Read more...]

7 Preventative Tips For Periodontitis

When it comes to oral health concerns, gum disease is a condition that should have patients and their dental care providers on high alert - half of Americans over age 30 have some form of the disease. Among adults over the age of 65, that proportion skyrockets to two-thirds of Americans. Advanced periodontitis can … [Read more...]

Steps To A Flawless Smile

While it’s true we’re bombarded daily with messages about what we need to do to maintain our health, your Phoenix dentist will tell you that some actions related to your dental health are more impactful than others. It’s important to understand which habits and activities will give you the most bang for your buck where … [Read more...]

Tips to Make Flossing Part of Your Daily Routine

When it comes to good intentions that are not acted upon, flossing has to be near the top of the list. Nearly 60 percent of American adults admit they don’t floss daily, and 20 percent say they never floss. Given that regular flossing can provide protection from everything from periodontal disease to cardiovascular … [Read more...]

How to Care for Dental Implants

Some people who hear about the amazing results that patients have with dental implants may think that once those restorations are in place, very little else needs to be done related to their care. After all, they are artificial teeth, so they shouldn’t need the same level of care that our natural teeth require, … [Read more...]

Men’s Health and Dental Care

Men as a gender seem to be less diligent than women in keeping up with their dental care. Research and surveys reveal that: Men are less likely to brush twice a day, as recommended by dental care professionals. Men are more likely than women to have gum disease. Men are less likely to visit the dentist … [Read more...]