How Dental Technology Improves Your Experience at Your Dentist Appointment

Dentistry has evolved tremendously over the past 125 years. Dental treatment techniques have become more effective, the growth of the clinical role of the dental hygienist has made an enormous difference in the oral health of many patients, and dental technology has advanced considerably. At Dr. Carol Ford & … [Read more...]

Laser Use In Dentistry

For several generations, science fiction has focused on lasers as the technology behind various types of impressive-looking weapons. But lasers can be found in your local dental office too. Lasers are emerging as a key “weapon” in the fight against tooth and gum diseases, although their ultimate goal is to create a … [Read more...]

New Technology In Dental Care

There is an art to creating beautiful smiles through cosmetic dentistry, but there is also a very exacting science to caring for the function and appearance of your teeth. And the science end of dental care is always evolving due to advances in technology. Here’s a brief report on several new technologies that are … [Read more...]