No Need to Fear the Dentist

Many adults don’t look forward to going to the dentist, but some people are so scared that making the phone call for an appointment takes an enormous push of self-discipline. They are so terrified of having to go to the office that they push it out of their mind until an emergency forces them to make the … [Read more...]

The Fountain of Dental Youth

Members of the baby-boomer generation are increasing the demand for cosmetic dental procedures because they are looking for teeth that help them look and feel younger, reports the Academy of General Dentistry, an organization of general dentists dedicated to continuing dental education. "The reason cosmetic … [Read more...]

Is it going to hurt, Doctor?

How scared of your dentist are you? Behavioral studies show that about 75 percent of patients are moderately to severely fearful of going to the dentist. It’s the reason for a question that Dr. Carol Ford gets asked often, “Is this going to hurt?” “Fear increases tension and tension increases the perception of … [Read more...]