Cosmetic Dentist Explains Dental Bridges

  While it's never pleasant, one of the realities of advancing age is the possibility of losing some of your natural teeth. If you've already lost one to three adjacent teeth, you may want to discuss your replacement options with your cosmetic dentist. One of those options is a dental bridge; with the advent of … [Read more...]

What is Dental Restoration?

“Dental restoration” is a phrase heard frequently in the world of cosmetic dentistry. While the definition of what constitutes a restoration may vary from one insurance company to another, practitioners of general or cosmetic dentistry typically use the term to cover all procedures that are designed to restore your … [Read more...]

Dental Implants vs. Bridges

Fixed dental bridges and dental implants are two methods for solving problems that are caused when natural teeth are missing from a person's mouth. Each type of restoration can be the right choice under certain conditions. However, these two solutions are not necessarily “equal” in the eyes of your dentist. Here is a … [Read more...]