Can You Fix My Smile?

cosmetic_dentalYears ago, you had a bright, youthful smile. As the years went on, something happened. Maybe your teeth began to crowd and overlap a little. Maybe you chipped a tooth, or had some unfortunate dental repairs that no longer match your teeth. Now you are embarrassed about your smile. You put your hand to your mouth every time you start to smile. You lower your head to hide the worn teeth. Is there help for your smile?

“There is help for any smile,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office. “What was impossible just a few years ago is now possible, so plan a visit to your dentist and ask what can be done.”

Years ago, teeth stained from medication, either taken by the mother during pregnancy or administered to a small child, were stained for life. Today, there are whiteners for the outside of the tooth, bleaches that work inside teeth whose pulp has been removed via root canal, and various forms of long-lasting cosmetic tooth covers and shells.

A shell for the tooth can include a porcelain crown, which will give the tooth a beautiful shape as well as a natural color. Veneers, which cover the anterior portion of the teeth, offer another kind of re-shaping and color brightening.

“Dentists and their labs are not just engineers who do precise work, they are also artists who create beautiful work,” says Dr. Ford. Don’t ever be too shy to ask your dentist what can be done about your smile. Your age isn’t nearly as important as your attitude and determination to have a bright and beautiful smile. “Anyone at any age can improve their smile with a more youthful look,” Dr. Ford says.

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