Brighten Your Teeth for the Holidays

Teeth Whitening Cameras and holidays are a natural combination—whether you are smiling in surprise, joy, or because someone said “smile!” your teeth are on display. “ If you want your teeth to be their holiday best, it may take a bit of planning, “ says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office. “You might get a good whitening effect the day before the party by doing in-office whitening, but you might need several sessions if you whiten at home, so use your calendar to your advantage,” she adds.

Allow the full time for the brand of home whitening you are using. Using the product for less time will not give you the result you want. If you choose the faster, more convenient whitening in your doctor’s office, you don’t want to be told there is a waiting list. So plan ahead.

The American Dental Association also has a tip for getting the best whitening results for any celebration—have your teeth cleaned before they are whitened. “A professional cleaning in a dental office can help remove stains that would otherwise make your smile less than bright.” Once the teeth have been cleaned, the whitening can be far more effective.

While many photographs include children and grandchildren, seniors can also benefit from whitening. “A bright smile is a youthful smile,” says Dr. Ford, “And grandparents can take years of their age with a well-planned, lightened smile,” she adds.

Veneers and crowns can accumulate surface stains, so ask your dentist to remove those before you whiten your own teeth. You want to have a natural smile, with all your teeth the same bright color.

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