Bright Smiles Start in the Dental Office

With all the new tooth brushing equipment on the market, do you really have to see your dentist regularly?  “The technology is certainly improving,” says Dr. Ford from her cosmetic dentistry office in Phoenix. “The new Air Floss is doing a great job of preventing plaque from forming and causing gingivitis. But you need to see a dentist regularly, because prevention is the best guarantee of keeping your natural teeth,” Dr. Ford adds. (Read more about the Air Floss).

Another reason to see your dentist regularly is to have a medical professional take a look at your mouth, gums, palate, tongue and throat for possible medical problems. “Serious health issue like diabetes and heart disease can show up in the mouth before the patient knows they have a problem,” says Dr. Ford. “While no one likes to hear bad news, you have so many more choices when you catch a disease early,” Dr. Ford adds.

Your gums need at least as much care as your teeth. Healthy gums form the foundation for healthy teeth. As you get older, one of the most important ways to keep your health is to eat well. Healthy gums and teeth not only allow you to chew your food, but to enjoy it more. The natural feel of healthy teeth is important to the enjoyment of food and to eating firm foods like carrots, celery, and crusty bread.

Seeing your dentist several times a year helps you keep your own teeth longer. What if you have implants? Do you still need to bush and floss regularly?

“Brushing and flossing implants is important because they are attached into bone, and you want to work to prevent bone loss,” says Dr. Ford.

Below is a video on how to floss around implants. Maintaining your teeth is a two person job—yours and your dentist’s. You can make both happen by visiting your dentist regularly while you brush and floss daily.

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