Bright New Smiles With Gingival Contouring

phoenix_dentistGingival contouring (or sculpting) is a way to re-shape your gums to give you a healthy, sparkling, even smile. “Your gums help shape the look of your teeth,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry practice. “There are several different techniques that give wonderful results,” she adds.

The Website WebMD says of the most common methods: “Currently, dentists use scalpels, lasers, and radiosurgery to perform the gum contouring procedure. Ask your dentist which technique would be the most suitable for your situation.”

All techniques use a local anesthetic so you will be comfortable during the procedure. Lasers avoid cutting and bleeding by vaporizing tissue to be removed.  Laser use means that the instrument itself never touches your teeth and recovery time is minimal.

Some dentists prefer a scalpel to a laser, because they have more experience with the scalpel as a tool. Gum tissue is trimmed to create an even look along the front six teeth that show in a smile. The procedure may be called a “gum lift” because of the cosmetic link (think eye lift or face lift) but it gives the same result as a laser. Depending on the dentist, the recovery time may vary. Your dentist will tell you how to brush and floss your teeth after a gum lift.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, radiosurgery is “a safe, time-saving and stress-free dental technique using radio waves instead of a scalpel to render a pressureless, bloodless, micro-smooth incision [that] minimize[s] surgical time and post-operative treatment for the patient.”

“As in all dental procedures, you need to feel comfortable about what your dentist is going to do and how to best take care of the new look,” says Dr. Ford. “We like to involve our patients in all aspects of their care because a well-informed patient is one that experiences less discomfort and has the most success,” she continues.

A bright white smile with even gums is no longer a dream of the future but something you can look forward to achieving with little discomfort and a fast recovery.


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