Avoiding Dental Injuries During Spring

The month of March is here in the Valley of the Sun, and that means that spring is on its way. It’s prime time for Phoenicians to enjoy the outdoors before the long, hot summer arrives. Spring sports activities can also bring an unexpected visit to your cosmetic dentistry professional if you experience a dental injury. The three most common types of dental injuries related to sports are cracked teeth, root fractures and tooth intrusions (tooth driven into the jawbone).

You can enjoy spring activities and avoid an emergency cosmetic dentistry visit by taking these precautions.

Cosmetic_DentistryIf you participate in a contact sport, use a mouth guard.

As far as the health of your teeth are concerned, “contact sport” means any activity in which it is possible for your teeth to receive a sudden damaging impact. Soccer and cycling are in this category along with traditional sports like baseball and football.

Your cosmetic dentistry professional can help create a custom-fit mouth guard for you, which is the most effective type.

Understand when a dental injury needs immediate attention, and what kind.

Sometimes, dental injuries are unavoidable. You may slip or trip while hiking or camping, or get hit in the mouth just walking near someone else’s softball game!

If your injury has resulted in a fractured or dislocated jaw, a serious laceration of the mouth’s soft tissues, or you have an abcess infection that’s impacting breathing or swallowing, head to the emergency room. For most other injuries that are non-life-threatening, your cosmetic dentistry professional or an on-call emergency dentist can restore your mouth to good health.

“No one wants their schedule disrupted by a painful dental injury,” says Dr. Carol Ford, who operates her cosmetic dentistry practice in central Phoenix. “Being prepared and taking simple precautions can eliminate many opportunities for dental danger!”

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