Ashley Promotes Great Oral Hygiene


Hi, I’m Ashley, and I work at Dr. Carol Ford’s cosmetic dentistry practice in central Phoenix as one of her dental hygienists. I actually began working in the dental field in junior high! My mom was an office manager at a multi-doctor practice and I would work there helping her out during my school breaks and summer vacations.

I love working at Dr. Ford’s practice and enjoy the friendships we have with our patients. The office has a relaxing environment and Dr. Ford takes a genuine interest in getting to know her patients. Some dentists do not show any interest in who their patient is outside of the office, but Dr. Ford spends a lot of time getting to know her patients, so she can provide them with the best treatment plan to reach their oral health goals.

While it’s best to personalize your oral health care by visiting your dentist on a regular basis, my biggest oral health recommendation in terms of home care – the one that I make daily to patients in Dr. Ford’s practice – is to start using an electric toothbrush. We recommend the Phillips Sonicare brush. The improvement in oral health that I see when I have a patient who switches from a manual to an electric brush is substantial. An electric brush removes more plaque and really trains you to brush for the full two minutes or more because it has a built-in timer. It is a simple change to home care and makes a huge difference to your oral health.

Another oral health tip I provide to my patients is to pay attention to their diet. What we put in our body each day has a huge impact on our health. Choosing foods that are less acidic helps provide an atmosphere that prevents the “bad” bacteria from demineralizing enamel and root surfaces.  Smooth strong tooth structure is easier to clean in general and will not harbor the “bad” bacteria as rough surfaces would. Great dietary choices for healthy teeth include firm-crunchy fruits and vegetables that help naturally clean your teeth as you eat them.

Dr. Ford and her staff want to help you maximize your oral health and help you improve the look and function of your smile. You can help us by visiting our office on a regular basis, brushing and flossing at home, and eating foods and beverages that improve your smile!



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