Acidic Food that May Harm Your Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth are beautiful, bright, and shiny, and not always easy to maintain without the right habits. The foods you eat have a major effect on how your teeth hold up over the years. “Acids are the enemy of tooth enamel,” says Dr. Carol Ford from her Phoenix cosmetic dentistry office.  Here is a list of the foods can break down your tooth enamel and destroy your sparkly grin.


Most bodies love fruit for the vitamins and energy it provides. Unfortunately, fruit contains high levels of acid that damage your tooth enamel. Fruit juices are even worse than fresh fruit since most juices also contain heavy loads of sugar. After eating natural or added sugar, bacteria begins to grow in your mouth. It settles in to cracks and crevices, eventually causing cavities and decay.


Possibly the worst enemy of healthy teeth, soda has many nasty ingredients. Regular soda has anywhere from 8-12 teaspoons of sugar in just a small can! Even diet soda is not without its faults as all sodas contain acid. Depending on the soda’s flavor, some contain up to three major types of acids: Phosphoric, carbonic, and citric acids. Phosphoric acid is used in sodas to control the growth of mold and bacteria. Carbonic acid is a result of the carbonation that creates soda’s fizz, and citric acid will be found in many sodas with even a hint of citrus flavor.  All three of these acids soften enamel.


It’s likely no surprise that candy is terrible for your dental health. The sugar promotes bacteria growth in your mouth, and is also guilty of causing your body to develop an acidic environment. This breaks down your teeth, causes decay and cavities. Sticky sour candy is the worst, since it is often even more acidic than the sweet-tasting variety, and isn’t as easy to rinse out.

You can help maintain gorgeous healthy teeth by avoiding acidic foods. Drink water and milk instead of soda and juice, or at the very least rinse out your mouth with water after drinking or eating acidic items. If you’ve already done some damage, Dr. Ford can help restore your beautiful smile!

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