5 Ways to Transform Your Smile and Love It

Cosmetic_DentistFor some people, their first trip to the cosmetic dentist can be filled with trepidation. They may ask themselves, “Will having a smile makeover, or an even more extensive rehabilitation of my teeth and gums, really be worth it?”

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Here are five types of smile-transforming procedures that your cosmetic dentist can perform for you. All of them can make a huge difference in the way you think about yourself and in the health of your mouth.

5 Levels of Smile Transformation

  1. Teeth whitening Dentists report that this is one of their most requested procedures. If you work with a dentist and have in-office whitening, or use a take-home kit provided by your dentist, you may be able to remove stains from your teeth at a deep level, and experience long-lasting results.
  2. Veneers – This procedure is a more permanent solution for issues with teeth color and shape. It’s less invasive than having a crown put on your tooth, and can provide excellent and durable results in just a few visits.
  3. Invisalign – Braces aren’t just for teenagers! Your cosmetic dentist can help you address issues you may have with your bite, with teeth crowding, or with rotation of your teeth by using this treatment.
  4. Full Mouth Rehabilitation – If your teeth are in need of a more comprehensive overhaul, full-mouth rehabilitation can provide a combination of treatments, which might include installing crowns, receiving orthodontic treatment, and addressing periodontal disease, among other procedures. It is an orchestrated and planned approach to transforming your smile.
  5. All-on-4 – If many of your teeth are beyond saving and need to be extracted, this procedure can be truly revolutionary. All-on-4 overdentures are stable and provide patients with teeth that look and perform far better than traditional dentures.

“Your cosmetic dentist is your partner in remaking your smile,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist with a practice in central Phoenix. “He or she can help you explore the best options for upgrading how your mouth looks and functions.”

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