4 Tips to Help You Develop Healthy Oral Health Habits

Many of us practice good dental hygiene … in the week before our dental checkup. Unfortunately, inconsistent dental self-care can create serious oral health challenges. It’s not hard to develop healthy dental habits, but it does help to know how they are formed.


How To Establish Successful Oral Health Habits

  1. Discuss your dental strengths and weaknesses with your dentist. Your dental provider can help you pinpoint what parts of your oral health routine need the most support.
  2. Create a series of small, achievable goals. Studies of successful goal attainment reinforce the idea that focusing on one or two new habits at a time is more realistic than taking an “all out” approach to habit improvement.
  3. Realize that habits practiced daily have enormous impact. It’s important to have regularly scheduled dental appointments that include a cleaning. However, what you do on a daily basis, including brushing and flossing, significantly influences your oral health.
  4. Remember that your daily diet is a dental health habit, too. The meals, snacks, and beverages you consume can bolster or damage your teeth. Limit consumption of sugar, sticky carbohydrates, and acidic foods and drinks.

“Good oral health habits don’t develop overnight, but they can become a part of your life with the proper amount of commitment and understanding,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist and founder of Dr. Carol Ford & Associates in central Phoenix.

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