7 Foods To Avoid For Oral Health


Phoenix Cosmetic DentistIf you ask your Phoenix cosmetic dentist about what foods threaten your oral health, chances are he or she will have a definite opinion in that matter! When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile, certain foods present greater oral health challenges than others.

Here are seven foods and beverages that Phoenix cosmetic dentists are likely to advise that you consume with caution.

Foods to Avoid for Oral Health’s Sake

1.       Wine – This adult beverage, especially the red varieties, is notorious for staining teeth. And over-consumption of any type of drink containing alcohol can cause dry mouth, which can aggravate conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease.

2.       Popcorn – It may be a tasty treat at the movies, but unpopped kernels can crack your teeth or get lodged in dental restorations such as bridges, making it harder to clean your natural teeth and your gums properly.

3.       Blueberries – Berries, like all hyper-pigmented foods, have the potential to stain your teeth. If a food could stain a white T-shirt, it could stain your teeth, so follow servings of such foods with water to rinse off the pigmentation.

4.       Crackers and bread – Any starchy food carries the risk of sticking to your teeth. Once you start chewing on a slice of bread or a cracker, the enzymes in your saliva break down the starches, which convert to sugar almost immediately. This can lead to the formation of bacterial plaque forming and tooth decay if you are not vigilant with your daily oral hygiene routine.

5.       Sugary foods – Obviously hard candies made with sugar are bad for your teeth, but even treats perceived as “healthy,” such as dried fruit, can present a problem. In the case of dried fruit, its high sugar content, combined with its tendency to stick to your teeth after you eat it, make it a bad choice if you’re eating to protect your smile.

6.    Processed foods – Many foods that have been refined and made more convenient to prepare also have a lot of added sugar that you might not find if you made the same type of meal from scratch. Even if it doesn’t SAY sugar in the list of ingredients, these products can contain honey, molasses and other sweeteners that can damage your teeth.

7.    Soda pop – In addition to containing an incredible amount of sugar per serving, soda also crowds out drinking water in your diet, leading to dehydration. If you choose a cola drink, this effect is amplified by the caffeine it contains.

“Some foods are ‘easy wins’ when eating for your mouth – others are more complicated,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a Phoenix cosmetic dentist with a practice in the Biltmore area. “If you eat and drink the foods on this list, understand how they maynegatively impact your oral health down the road.”




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