3 Ways To Brighten Your Smile This Summer

teeth_whitening Temperatures are rising across the Valley of the Sun, reminding us that spring will soon turn into summer. There will be plenty of opportunities at poolside functions and summer cookouts to flash our smile – if it does not make us self-conscious to do so, that is.

May is a great month to kick off a round of teeth-whitening efforts. With just a little effort, you can have a confidence-boosting bright smile by the middle of the year!

3 Paths to Whiter Teeth

  1. Visit your dentist for a check-up and a cleaning. Your dentist can determine if your stains really are extrinsic (at the surface level) and likely to respond to teeth whitening, or if they need to be treated in another way. Also, the cleaning you receive at an office visit can reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth, to which teeth stains often attach themselves.
  2. Use a straw when drinking beverages that stain teeth. If you’re consuming coffee, tea, wine, soda or juice, drink them through a straw. This will keep the staining agents in the liquid away from your teeth. Rinsing your mouth out with water after drinking these beverages can also help.
  3. Make an appointment for an in-office teeth whitening The whitening agent used by your dentist is stronger than over-the-counter methods, making it faster and more effective. And because he or she can monitor your treatment, it is easier to avoid problems with sensitivity of the teeth or gums. After your in-office treatment, your dentist may prescribe an at-home treatment regimen to keep your smile bright between appointments.

BONUS TIP! You can also brighten your teeth naturally by gently brushing your teeth with a mixture of crushed raw strawberries and baking soda, then brushing with your regular toothpaste.

“Summer activities are always more fun if our smile doesn’t make us feel embarrassed,” says Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist with a practice in central Phoenix. “Teeth whitening is a great way to improve your appearance in a hurry!”



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