3 Tips to Overcome Dental Phobia

Phoenix_Cosmetic_Dentist Every Phoenix cosmetic dentist knows that a significant portion of his or her clientele has battled anxieties about treatment in order to make it into the office for a visit. Studies indicate that as many as 15 percent of the American population avoids going to the dentist because they are suffering from dental phobia.

Dr. Carol Ford, a Phoenix cosmetic dentist, uses three methods to help anxious patients feel comfortable during their visit. They are all things that you can apply to your own quest to conquer dental anxieties and phobias, whether you are working with a cosmetic dentist in Phoenix or elsewhere.

3 Ways to Conquer Dental Phobias

  1. Pet Therapy. Ford’s office features a furry co-worker, Vito, who has received training as a Power Paws Assistance Dog, and will visit a patient who would like to pet or play with him. Vito is a gentleman and stays in Dr. Ford’s business office unless he receives a patient request. Pet therapy is a new modality in dental offices, but research shows it can be useful for reducing stress in patients with a wide variety of conditions. Find out if your dentist offers this new anxiety relief method.
  2. A dentist with a calming treatment environment. In the same way that meditation works to lower anxiety and stress levels by changing the focus of the meditator, the serene environment at Dr. Ford’s office is designed to allay or distract a patient from his or her fears. The office features beautiful art, a quiet water feature and staff members who will interact with you in a calm, reassuring manner.
  3. Medication. If the previous anxiety-relieving methods do not provide adequate support, patients of Dr. Ford may request sedation to make undergoing certain procedures more comfortable. Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” can provide excellent anxiety relief during the treatment, and patients are able to drive home by themselves afterward. Other sedation methods include intravenous sedation and oral sedation.

Dr. Ford, whose Phoenix cosmetic dentist practice is in the central part of the Valley of the Sun, is happy to work with patients to find the right combination of anxiety-reduction methods to allow them to enter or continue treatment. She says, “Don’t let your fears keep you from treatment – that could lead to oral health challenges requiring even more extensive work to be done on your teeth.”

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