3 Perks of Choosing Dr. Carol Ford

When it comes to choosing a cosmetic dentist, all practitioners are not equal. Dr. Carol Ford, a cosmetic dentist with a practice in central Phoenix, stands head, shoulders and SMILES above the rest in the Valley of the Sun.

Earlier this year, Dr. Ford was named a Phoenix Magazine “Top Dentist” for 2017 – the fourth time she’s garnered such an honor. There are many reasons Dr. Ford is deserving of accolades from her peers and her customers, but here are three reasons patients choose her again and again for her services as a cosmetic dentist.

3 Perks of Choosing Dr. Carol Ford

  1. Ford is an amazing practitioner, with an eye for both cosmetics and function. The best cosmetic dentists blend clinical expertise and artistic vision to provide restorations and other services to create smiles that not only look beautiful, they improve the functioning of a patient’s teeth and gums.
  2. Ford’s office is designed to provide a relaxing, calming setting for treatment. Dr. Ford and her team – including Vito, Dr. Ford’s 5-year-old Golden Retriever! – are focused on ensuring your anxieties and worries are diminished before treatment begins.
  3. Ford and her staff listen closely to a patient’s needs, wants and desires. It’s a real blessing to find a cosmetic dentist and their treatment team who can listen deeply to a patient. This ensures that not only are dental anxieties reduced, but also that each patient receives the best possible treatment and that their preferences for the look and function of their restorations are respected. 

“My office staff and I are honored by the accolades we receive, but ultimately, our barometer for evaluating our practice is if our patients are leaving our office delighted about their results,” says Dr. Ford.

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