3 Benefits of Dental X-Rays

Your cosmetic dentist has the important job of ensuring that your smile sparkles and stays healthy for a lifetime. One of the tools used to accomplish that is a dental x-ray, which gives your dentist a picture of your dental health at a very detailed level. Following are a few of the benefits of dental x-rays.

Dental_xraysTrack Changes in Dental Health

For someone not in the dental field, it can be impossible to notice small changes in your teeth and gums. By taking a semi-yearly set of x-rays, your doctor can compare your current and past records to note small differences that may indicate a problem. By catching issues when they’ve barely begun, treatment can begin quickly and prevent the situation from progressing to permanent damage or tooth loss.

Discover Tumors

Dental x-rays are excellent for finding certain types of tumors that grow quietly and invisibly below the gum line. Without the use of this powerful tool, these tumors have the potential to invade the jawbone and perhaps even spread through the body. Regular dental x-rays will discover these types of tumors when they are smaller and likely to be more treatable.

Detect Tooth Decay

Even if you brush and floss regularly, tooth decay is still a threat for most people. Fillings, both new and old, have the ability to trap bacteria that eventually causes the tooth to deteriorate from the inside. Small spaces between teeth where plaque and tartar collect are another hot spot where decay is likely to begin. Without regular checkups and x-rays, this decay goes untreated and can progress quickly to the point that the tooth may be lost or need to be extracted.

Dr. Ford uses dental x-rays as a safe and effective way to keep your dental health at its very best. Have any further questions regarding dental x-rays, please call 602-955-7788.

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