10 Years with Dr. Carol Ford


Phoenix_cosmetic_dentistPhoenix cosmetic dentist Dr. Carol Ford has been providing services to clients in the Valley of the Sun since 1983. This year she is celebrating her 10th anniversary of practicing in her current office location. Recently, we chatted with this award-winning Phoenix cosmetic dentist to ask her about developments in cosmetic dentistry and in her practice over the past decade.

Dr. Ford discusses highlights of the past 10 years

What do you like best about practicing at your present office location in central Phoenix?

We made very sure when we began leasing this office that we had created a peaceful, relaxing treatment center – one which would enhance the client’s overall health. I feel very fortunate that clients can look out the window from the treatment chair and see the small lake near our office and can look around the interiors of our office and see a custom-designed, beautiful space that’s close to where they live, work and play.

What advances in dental treatment over the past 10 years have been the most significant, in your opinion?

Certainly, the “teeth in a day” tooth replacement treatment utilizing All-on-Four technology has really come into its own in this decade. Another life-changing set of procedures, the full-mouth reconstruction process, has become more common, and it helps provide a cost-effective and comprehensive approach to creating a beautiful and healthy smile. Finally, laser dental hygiene has really seen incredible advances, providing extra healing power for clients with periodontal (gum) disease.

Have there been other significant changes to your practice?

We’ve added a staff member – Vito, my Golden Retriever, who has been trained as a Power Paws Assistance Dog. Everyone, clients and staff alike, loves Vito and appreciates the calming nature of his visits. Beyond that, my staff and I continue to deepen our long-term working relationships with each other and continue to learn and grow. We want to always be better and better at serving clients.

Will you be doing anything to observe your 10th anniversary in this location?

Yes! Look for an announcement about a get-together related to the anniversary this fall. Also, we hope to make some upgrades to the office itself, so clients will continue to enjoy coming to our practice.

“I’ve really enjoyed practicing as a Phoenix cosmetic dentist in my current location,” Dr. Ford concluded. “It’s a pleasure to serve my clients’ needs and contribute to their well-being.”



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