Maintain Healthy Teeth While Traveling

It’s June, and many folks are taking to the roads and the skies on vacation. Other people have to travel for business on a regular basis, regardless of the season. While getting out of your usual routine can be refreshing, one set of habits that is important to not leave at home is your oral health regimen. Here are … [Read more...]

Should I Switch To An Electric Toothbrush?

There is plenty of research which shows that it takes some diligence to establish a new habit. Furthermore, when that habit requires new equipment, there can also be a budgetary factor to overcome before the adoption of a new habit or behavior. The bottomline: change can be hard.   But, while restructuring routines … [Read more...]

Vito Is Here To Help

Treatment chairs, dental instruments and staff members wearing scrubs are three things patients have long expected to see at a cosmetic dentist’s practice, but dogs such as Vito, Dr. Carol Ford's Golden Retriever, are a relatively new sight at the office. Vito, who has been trained as a Power Paws Assistance Dog, is a … [Read more...]

How Water Benefits Oral Health

It seems as if scientific research is constantly producing new technologies and consumer products that make our lives better. But when it comes to oral health, few things match the usefulness and versatility of plain drinking water! Here are just a few ways in which stepping up your consumption of water can benefit … [Read more...]

Key Signs of Gum Disease

Health conditions with the potential to damage our body do not always arrive with great fanfare or extreme symptoms. It is often the “quiet” conditions that are the most insidious, because they wreak havoc and do not cause great pain or difficulty until they are quite advanced. Periodontal (gum) disease is … [Read more...]

Avoiding Dental Injuries During Spring

The month of March is here in the Valley of the Sun, and that means that spring is on its way. It's prime time for Phoenicians to enjoy the outdoors before the long, hot summer arrives. Spring sports activities can also bring an unexpected visit to your cosmetic dentistry professional if you experience a dental injury. … [Read more...]