Vito Is Here To Help

Treatment chairs, dental instruments and staff members wearing scrubs are three things patients have long expected to see at a cosmetic dentist’s practice, but dogs such as Vito, Dr. Carol Ford's Golden Retriever, are a relatively new sight at the office. Vito, who has been trained as a Power Paws Assistance Dog, is a … [Read more...]

Meet Our Hygiene Coordinator, Brandi!

Hi, I'm Brandi and I'm the new hygiene coordinator at Dr. Carol Ford’s practice in central Phoenix. I've been working in the dental care field since 1998, first as a dental assistant and later in various front-office roles. My connection to Phoenix and joining Dr. Ford’s dental care team is partially due to my … [Read more...]

5 Recommendations From A Cosmetic Dentist

When it comes to making recommendations, central Phoenix cosmetic dentist Dr. Carol Ford likes to individualize her advice for the patient sitting in her treatment chair. “People need to be treated uniquely.  There isn’t a single oral hygiene product that is good for absolutely everyone,” she says. However, while a … [Read more...]

Dental Hygiene Tips from Gina

My name is Gina and I’m one of Dr. Carol Ford’s dental hygienists. I'm originally from New Jersey and moved to Arizona 13 years ago. Previously, I was a dental assistant for eight years, and knew I wanted to be able to help clients even more, so I went to dental hygiene school. I love my work as a dental hygienist, and … [Read more...]

How Can I Improve My Smile This Year?

There are so many reasons to want a smile upgrade through cosmetic dentistry this year. Some are related to appearance: a grin full of teeth exudes confidence, and this can help us on the job or in our relationships. Some are related to how our smiling teeth function: missing teeth make it harder to chew and speak, and … [Read more...]

How We Personalize Our Care

No one likes to be treated like “just a number,” especially when it comes to dental care. At Dr. Carol Ford’s cosmetic dentistry practice, we believe each patient is a whole, complex individual, and we work with you to personalize your dental care, so that your treatment experience is comfortable and you are pleased … [Read more...]