Get Your Smile Back With Teeth In A Day

While the common term for immediate loading dental implants – “teeth in a day” – sounds dramatic, it is one case where the benefits offered by a dental procedure truly live up to the amazing-sounding label. But for a process like teeth in a day, which provides natural looking dental implants that are permanently … [Read more...]

How Can I Improve My Smile This Year?

There are so many reasons to want a smile upgrade through cosmetic dentistry this year. Some are related to appearance: a grin full of teeth exudes confidence, and this can help us on the job or in our relationships. Some are related to how our smiling teeth function: missing teeth make it harder to chew and speak, and … [Read more...]

Explaining Dental Reconstruction

When it’s been determined that a building needs to be renovated – whether it’s a small home or a large skyscraper – it’s common for the owners of the structure to call in a team of professionals to provide a carefully planned, well-thought-out “makeover” that leaves the building in better shape than it was before. If … [Read more...]

Save Time With Teeth In A Day

The term “teeth in a day,” often used to describe immediate loading dental implants with a full arch of teeth, implies swiftness in the process used to install the implants and final product. However, few people who haven’t already had the teeth in a day procedure done truly realize how much time they may be saving … [Read more...]

I Hate My Smile! What Are My Options?

  Our smile is a major ingredient in our physical appearance; often, it’s the first thing that people notice about us. If you hate your smile, Phoenix cosmetic dentists can assist you in correcting functional issues, as well as help you make your gums and teeth look a lot better. Smile Improvement: How Phoenix … [Read more...]

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

When contemplating a medical procedure you’ve never had before, it’s natural to have concerns about how the experience will impact you. A common question asked by those pondering whether to get dental implants is, “will it hurt?” Often, getting dental implants will improve discomfort that a patient may be … [Read more...]