Break Bad Dental Care Habits

Advances in dental care have created interventions (such as dental implants and new forms of periodontal treatment) that can restore your smile to its previous health and function. Research studies have also confirmed that it’s our daily habits – whether bad or good – that strongly influence whether you’ll need new … [Read more...]

Oral Health Tips For Seniors

While advances in medical care and changes in cultural expectations have made it easier as an adult over the age of 60 to experience excellent quality of life, when it comes to oral health, there are a number of dental “self-help” tasks in which senior adults can engage to ensure their teeth and gums remain … [Read more...]

Maintain Healthy Teeth While Traveling

It’s June, and many folks are taking to the roads and the skies on vacation. Other people have to travel for business on a regular basis, regardless of the season. While getting out of your usual routine can be refreshing, one set of habits that is important to not leave at home is your oral health regimen. Here are … [Read more...]

Dental Hygienists Answer Your Dental Care Questions

When Ashley and Gina, Dr. Carol Ford's dental hygienists, work with clients, one of their roles in the treatment process is to act as a dental educator. Both women are asked numerous questions by patients about the details of proper dental care. Here are a few of the most common dental care questions that our dental … [Read more...]

Ashley Promotes Great Oral Hygiene

Hi, I’m Ashley, and I work at Dr. Carol Ford’s cosmetic dentistry practice in central Phoenix as one of her dental hygienists. I actually began working in the dental field in junior high! My mom was an office manager at a multi-doctor practice and I would work there helping her out during my school breaks and summer … [Read more...]

Dental Hygiene Tips from Gina

My name is Gina and I’m one of Dr. Carol Ford’s dental hygienists. I'm originally from New Jersey and moved to Arizona 13 years ago. Previously, I was a dental assistant for eight years, and knew I wanted to be able to help clients even more, so I went to dental hygiene school. I love my work as a dental hygienist, and … [Read more...]