Meet Our Hygiene Coordinator, Brandi!

Hi, I'm Brandi and I'm the new hygiene coordinator at Dr. Carol Ford’s practice in central Phoenix. I've been working in the dental care field since 1998, first as a dental assistant and later in various front-office roles. My connection to Phoenix and joining Dr. Ford’s dental care team is partially due to my … [Read more...]

4 Strategies For Dealing With Dental Anxiety

Most American adults are aware of the importance of receiving regular dental care. But for a significant fraction of that group who suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, going to the dental office can be extremely challenging. The staff at Dr. Carol Ford’s office offers several options for those who have dental … [Read more...]

Avoiding Dental Injuries During Spring

The month of March is here in the Valley of the Sun, and that means that spring is on its way. It's prime time for Phoenicians to enjoy the outdoors before the long, hot summer arrives. Spring sports activities can also bring an unexpected visit to your cosmetic dentistry professional if you experience a dental injury. … [Read more...]

Ashley Promotes Great Oral Hygiene

Hi, I’m Ashley, and I work at Dr. Carol Ford’s cosmetic dentistry practice in central Phoenix as one of her dental hygienists. I actually began working in the dental field in junior high! My mom was an office manager at a multi-doctor practice and I would work there helping her out during my school breaks and summer … [Read more...]

5 Recommendations From A Cosmetic Dentist

When it comes to making recommendations, central Phoenix cosmetic dentist Dr. Carol Ford likes to individualize her advice for the patient sitting in her treatment chair. “People need to be treated uniquely.  There isn’t a single oral hygiene product that is good for absolutely everyone,” she says. However, while a … [Read more...]

Get Your Smile Back With Teeth In A Day

While the common term for immediate loading dental implants – “teeth in a day” – sounds dramatic, it is one case where the benefits offered by a dental procedure truly live up to the amazing-sounding label. But for a process like teeth in a day, which provides natural looking dental implants that are permanently … [Read more...]